Custom Orders:
At Lipstick Vogue, we’re here to make your wardrobe the envy of all others. Here are a few different ways that we can bring your dream outfit to life:

For custom orders, these are the measurements we tailor your garment to: bust, under-bust, waist, hips, arm circumference, neck circumference, length from nape of neck to waist, and from waist to below the knees.

For the curvier girls…
The majority of the custom orders we process are for plus size gals. Since no two women will share the exact same curves, we’re glad to accommodate your unique figure. We don’t do mu-mu’s. Your custom plus size dress is tailored to the measurements you specify so that it will enhance your figure, not hide it! Most plus size orders vary in pricing depending upon the style, fabrics used, and size. Expect a quote of around $25-$75 on top of the retail price of the garment. A time-frame may range from 7-14 days.

For the “nothing-fits-me” girls…
Your sizing issues may not be a simple as a plus size order. If it wasn’t hard enough to find good reproduction vintage clothing already, now you can’t find your size! Fret no more! You don’t have to suffer with ill-fitting clothes. At Lipstick Vogue, we offer our outfits in any kind of sizing adjustment you need. Petite sizes, tall sizes, broad shoulders, extra busty, extra room in the hips, and possibly best of all: maternity sizes! Since vintage-style maternity outfits are hard to come by, these are some of our most popular alternative-fit orders. Almost all our current outfits can be made to these sizes! Prices can range from $20 (adjustment for petite size) to $75 (adjustment for maternity dress size) over retail price of garment.

For the one-of-a-kind girls…
With Lipstick Vogue we make every effort to keep our styles in very limited runs of materials so that you’ll probably never run into a girl with the same dress. But that’s not enough reassurance for you is it? Well that’s fine, because Lipstick Vogue offers one-of-a-kind custom orders! We will email you swatches of some fabrics to choose from for your garment. These fabrics we will only have enough of for your dress! Average cost for this is usually $25-$50 over the retail price of the garment. Once fabric is selected, your garment will be processed in 3-7 business days.

For the “I-just-know-that’s-not-my-color” girls…
If you don’t particularly fancy the fabric that a dress is offered in, you can select a different fabric from our fabric swatches page. A custom order for this will be based on what the material is (for example: cottons are no extra charge, silks are usually $30, rayon crepe $20…) These orders are processed in 3-7 business days.

For your upcoming special occasion….
Prom? Wedding? Seaside Ball? An event so elite I couldn’t possibly list it here? Well you had better make sure you’ve got the most unique gown in town! At Lipstick Vogue, one of our absolute favorite kinds of custom order is designing you a custom outfit. You tell us what you have in mind: what impression you want, where you may have seen a similar outfit, the kind of event you’re attending, what materials you’d like, and what you like to emphasize or de-emphasize about your figure. This dress will be made exactly to your measurements and if you are in the Southern California area, we will do a fitting if you request. What we make for you will be one-of-a-kind and you will never see it sold by us or anyone. This exclusive design service is unparalleled, as we work directly with you, to determine what will be the most personalized garment you’ve ever owned. Quotes for such a custom service are determined once we have a general idea of what your needs are. Rates are generally comparable to most evening gown prices. Depending on how elaborate the dress is, it may take anywhere from one to four weeks to complete. Please allow a buffer of two weeks so that we may get your dress to you to look over with some time to mail it back for any small changes or fitting issues before your special event!

Contact us today about your custom order! We can’t wait to get started!